Sunday, January 25, 2015

Out And About!!!

Me and the family went downtown Macon and walk around. It was my step son birthday so we decided to eat at the Rookery. I had black angus burger topped with Fincher's BBQ, cole slaw top off with a fried pickle spear .... AWESOME!!! My brother and his girlfriend show up and ate with us. afterwards we all went walking around. We wound up at a tattoo parlor and im sorry i didn't get the name of it but the art work was very good and i can here someone getting a tat done behind the curtains. I wanted to get another tat done but the kids and the wife was waiting outside. here are some pictures of the night.




Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Helen Georgia Vacation!!

  Well its been a while now since i posted any thing on here but been on break and getting over being sick all of December. Me and the family decided to go to Helen Georgia 
for 4 days and had a blast!! I put a video on YouTube with all the pictures and videos i shot . I think will be going back next year.We got there on Thursday and stayed at The Helendorf  till Sunday evening. We had a river front room on the second floor witch you can see in the video. The room where nice and clean and its walking  distance to anywhere in town. We walked to The Troll restaurant and had there home made chili and it is so good. In the video you can see The Troll right across the river. Next we went to OLD HEIDELBERG where we had some German Wiener schnitzel and then retire to the bar for a German Beer. Like i said we had a blast and where going back SOON!! Yall check it out. Here are the links to some of the places we went to and stayed
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The Troll
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Old Heidelberg