Tuesday, February 9, 2016

For My Dad

             All my life my dad has rode a motorcycle. We would talk a lot and it would turn to motorcycle talk and he would say to me " son when you going to get one so we can ride? " i would always say Dad they cost to much and i don't know how to ride. He would just smile. We have drove every thing from cars to 18 Wheeler together. Never a motorcycle. My dad was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. so it began for me to find the right motorcycle so we can ride. About two to three times a month i would look around the web for local dealers that had a bike for sale cheep. Didn't wont to pay to much for a bike i would more than likely drop and mess it up. I saw my Dad on thanksgiving and we was outside he had two motorcycles and he said hop on the Honda 1100 and ride it up the street.... I wanted to so bad but it wasn't mine so i told him no not today and yes he just smiled again. My Dad passed away December 7 2015. At the end of the year my friend at work got a newer motorcycle for Christmas and i ask him what he was going to do with his old one.. he said i guess ill sell it... well i wont go into details about that but i now own a 1993 Honda Shadow 1100... I hope my Dad will be proud of me. Here is the video of my First ride with his Helmet on.